A research centre dedicated to restoring our full potential!


A key objective of E.C.R. is to establish a research facility to test and develop the research and ideas outlined in ‘Left in the Dark’. By combining the best of ancient wisdom and modern science it will be possible to validate the basic theory that the left side of our neo-cortex is a hormonally retarded version of the right. If this turns out to be the case, using existing technology we can begin to sustainably access some degree of our once phenomenal abilities and restore a more sane state of mind.

You might ask ‘What exactly does that mean?’

The answer is that there are two phases to the restoration process.

The first phase is to re build and re-fuel the human brain as close to the original, precise and highest specification that resulted from millions of years of co-evolution. The result was a neural system of unimaginable complexity that was honed to perfection by those extraordinary pharmaceutical factories, the trees of the African tropical forests.

The second phase will involve inhibiting or reducing the influence of the left hemisphere while simultaneously engaging the right …



So what’s on offer?

If you take the best of what is currently seen as exceptional ability such as the mind-blowing memory, musical, artistic, and mathematical genius exhibited by prodigies and savants. To all those kinds of phenomenal abilities then add in exceptional physical ability, strength, stamina, balance, agility and so on that occasionally emerge during supreme once-in-a-lifetime athletic performances. In addition, we add an immune system that would simply lay waste to many of the diseases we can no longer resist. And then finally we imagine one’s state of mind being permanently infused with the kind of profound sense wonder alluded to in the mystic tradition. These elusive and fleeting ‘peak experiences’ can begin to emerge in response to various techniques and practices, or occasionally happen spontaneously without warning or explanation typically change ones life forever.
If you add all that together it would still be just a glimpse of what our distant ancestors considered normal.

For all the appeal such skills and abilities hold perhaps the most important trait of all is the associated psychology. Without the domineering influence of a damaged mind fuelled by fear and the need for control a wholly different society would emerge. A society based on a profound sense of interconnected wonder that would render it impossible for us to act or behave in the self-destructive manner that has slowly become part of our identity as the neurological condition has progressed.

This may sound like science fiction or some kind of religious or new age nonsense. However, already a research project at the Centre for the Mind has succeeded in accessing enhanced abilities by using high tech equipment to reduce the influence of the dominant left hemisphere. By combining specific approaches to inhibit the left and retrofitting the complex requirements to fully re engage the right the preliminary results achieved at the Centre for the Mind may be just the tip of the iceberg.


What’s the first step?

In conjunction with SC2 and other interested parties a draft proposal has been developed to explore the possibility of developing an appropriate research project. Currently a proposal for a centre that could be established virtually anywhere is being discussed.

THE CENTRE FOR CONSCIOUSNESS RESEARCH PROPOSAL pdf The International Centre of Consciousness 

The International Centre of Consciousness pdf.The International Centre of Consciousness





E.C.R. has also initiated preliminary discussion resulting in draft proposals for a research centre based in the South West of the UK. Inevitably the viability of these and other proposals will depend on the availability of resources


The Cornwall Consciousness Centre and The Cornwall Centre for Sustainability and Consciousness.


As part of the ongoing research behind the sleep record, proposals are being developed in partnership with SC2 sustainability consultants to establish a world class consciousness research facility in West Cornwall, (see The Cornwall Consciousness Centre pdf.) as well a virtual consciousness and sustainability centre (see The Cornwall Centre for Sustainability and Consciousness pdf.)

Discussions with a number of organisations and scientists are ongoing. The Eden Project, The Restorative Health Company Ltd, Transition Penwith, Lawrence Bloom and Dr Robin Rodd are amongst those who have offered their support.

The objectives are fairly simple: to develop approaches to maximise human potential and initiate solutions to a number of related environmental and sustainability issues that stem from the current state of the human mind.

Resolving the significant problems of our time may well necessitate fundamental changes to our neurology (how our brains work) and associated psychology (our states of mind) that have inevitably shaped the world we inhabit today.

The Cornwall Consciousness Centre pdf.The Cornwall Consciousness Centre

The Cornwall Centre for Sustainability and Consciousness pdf.The Cornwall Centre for Sustainability and Consciousness