This web site will introduce you to a radical new perspective on the human mind. It explains:

  • The rapid expansion of our large brain and why the expansion stalled.

  • The origins of the religious impulse.

  • And why today we may all be in very serious trouble.

Perceptually and physiologically we are a shadow of our ancestral selves, and unaware or deluded to the real nature of our condition. Even the emergence of male dominated culture and society may be a symptom of a fundamental developmental disorder within the human brain. Some evidence indicates that part of our delicate neural system fails to develop properly leaving us with a mind that distorts and limits our true sense of reality. We are born with this condition and it progresses with age. As the activity of testosterone on the developing brain is a significant factor, males suffer more than females.

Mystic and religious practices, either consciously or intuitively, were initiated as direct attempts to address this worsening condition. Studying these practices can provide insights into the nature of the disorder and begin to hint at the marvels of our full human potential.
The phenomenon of handedness is also a pointer to the condition we have identified. Experiments have shown than when the influence of the dominant side of the brain is reduced there is greater ambidexterity. Having one less useful hand therefore is a symptom of less than optimal brain function. Furthermore it appears that the cerebral dominance (having one side of the brain that overrides the other) is in itself a consequence of an abnormality in our way our brain develops.

It is widely assumed that our brain is more or less functional and yet there are many indications that this assumption is flawed. The possibility of a disorder in our major control system may shed light on many human anomalies: why for example, does male orgasm release the male seed while female orgasm fails to release the ovum – an inefficient system that now results in monthly ovulation and menstruation? Within these and many related stories lie clues to where we are today.

And where are we today? There is a widespread breakdown of the immune system, the age of puberty is declining which gives the brain less time to develop and even the digestive system may not be working as efficiently as it could. Failure to thrive, attention deficit disorder and the onward march of degenerative diseases are all indicative of the hastening decline in human functioning. The most significant effect however has been on the mind – particularly the male mind. As all our major institutions from governments, schools, to the military and even religions are products of the fearful and disconnected male perspective it is no wonder our world is in crisis.

These and many more pieces of a jigsaw have been pieced together in a new hypothesis that challenges the orthodox paradigm yet fits perfectly with ancient tradition and the latest scientific observations. Effectively part of our brain is damaged; our normal perception is severely limited and our basic physiology is inefficiently run, leading to disease and premature degeneration. Psychologically, fear and a desperate need for familiarity dominate us and we have created a world that reflects this condition.

Although at first sight this may appear a bleak scenario, it actually holds much hope. No-one can deny our world is facing a number of interrelated crises – and at the heart of all of them is the human mind. Correctly identifying the core problem is the first stage in finding a solution. As this neurological glitch within us is at least partially reversible, there is a real possibility of correcting the fault and allowing a return to our sense of earthly paradise.



Left in the Dark outlines a preliminary diagnosis and maps a route towards recovery, read the book and then you can make up your own mind.