'Left in the Dark' Book Tour


Seminars and slide presentations

June 28 2015
The Salford Creative Salon
A Journey to the Edge of the Human Mind


May 30 2015
West Yorkshire


May 26-28 2015
Sofia Bulgaria


March 28 2015

Elvet Riverside


March 21 2015


The Medicine Garden
10 Union Street
LA12 7HR


March 9 2015
Liverpool Quaker Meeting House L1 3BT




February 28 2015

August 17 - 31 2014

The Woodstock Fruit Festival
Festival web site
Camp Walden in the Southern Adirondacks.



August 16th 2014 



July 1 2014
Evolver Learning Lab webinar hosted by Dennis McKenna
What Plants Can Teach Us: Consciousness and Intelligence in Nature.



June 28 2014
Esoteria 2014
Birmingham and Midland Institute
Web Site

May 30 2014
Calderdale Yoga Centre 7pm - 10pm
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September 28 2013
Manchester Conference Centre
11am - 3pm
Fruit, Oral Sex and Human Consciousness


August 18 - 25 2013
The Woodstock Fruit Festival
Festival web site

Camp Walden in the Southern Adirondacks.


November 15 2012
Penzance Truth Action

The Lugger 7.00pm

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September 1st & 2nd 2012
Raw Fest 2012

Festival web site

August 31st 2012
Waveform 2012

Festival web Site

August 20 - 28 2012
The Woodstock Fruit Festival

Festival web site
Camp Walden in the Southern Adirondacks.
Press Release

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July 12-15 2012
Fresh Food Festival

Festival Web Site


June 21-24 2012
Sunrise Celebration
Ancient Futures
Friday 2.00 – 3.30pm
Main stage

Festival web site

April 28 2012
Bolton Yoga Centre

Web Site
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April 2nd 2012
Cornwall Learning Music Therapy


September 24 2011
Festival of Life London

Festival of Life web site

September 16-18
Awakenings 2011

Web Site

August 18-25 2011
The Woodstock Fruit Festival

Festival web site
The Menla Mountain Retreat
New York State



July 6th 2011
Sapienza University of Rome

Presentation in association with Andrea Fogli and STORYGARDENZ

Storygardenz project presentation 3.2011-1 Comusta Andrea Fogli



July 2nd 2011
MERCi Centre Manchester

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June 4th 2011
Sunrise Celebration

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April 17th-27th 2011
Columbia Beach Resort and Hotel Cyprus


November 27th 2010

Civic Hall
Totnes in Devon


October and November 2010

Toronto Canada


October 3rd 2010
The Future Gallery


September 18

Out Of The Ordinary Festival 2010



August 28th - September 10th  2010

Presentations at Wasiwaska in Brazil

Wasiwaska - Research Centre for the Study of
Psychointegrator Plants, Visionary Arts, and Consciousness.



August 20th

Sunrise Off-Grid 2010

Fernhill Farm, Mendip Hills, Somerset


August 8th 2010

Stroud near Bristol

at the Five Valleys Foyer

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August 5th 2010

Falmouth in Cornwall

Falmouth Marine Skills Centre:

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"HI Charlotte, thankyou so much for last night, and for the lift home, amazing talk! so much more to come, please keep me updated. It all makes perfect sense and before we know it he will be on the telly!  best wishes"


July 3rd 2010

Presentation at the Orassy Kendron in London


"Dearest Tony, WOW!! Great to connect with u here, I still carry the seeds of those life changing thought provoking thoughts you shared with us from your book "left in the dark" the other day. They are germinating and attracting info of the same kind. Much ♥, Brother. Your influence to the ends of the earth."

Kola Adetu

"Tonys work is more than enlightening, it allows the individual a lens through which they can piece toghether so many seemingly unconnected parts of their life. As someone who has tried to make weight training, raw and living food nutrition, psychic and spiritual development and parkour all work cohesivley his work is iluminating as a means of synergisticly connecting so many seemingly abstract aspects of human capability. We all know the mind is the lynchpin on which our performance is hinged but I've never truely comprehended how much until now."


April 28 2010

After a long winter of preparation the first outing for the ‘Left in the Dark’
presentations and book tour took place in Penzance on Wednesday evening.


These talks will outline a radical new theory that simultaneously explains many enigmas of human evolution and the human mind at a causal level. Reaction seems to be following a consistent pattern from ‘Initially difficult to see’ then ‘shockingly obvious and simple’ and finally ‘blatantly self evident.’

'Left in the Dark' proposes a unique and completely unexpected diagnosis of the human condition that offers a very simple, practical and human scale solution to the overwhelming challenges we face.


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A couple of comments on Wednesday's presentation from Facebook.

"Thanks Tony! After your presentation I have had/got so much to think about and so many questions that my brain has broken! And now after hours of debate, my mind has officially turned to mush!
P.S. it was really great! X"

Tilly Atherton

"Me too, top stuff, inspiring. You answered a lot of questions."
Jonathan English

"Hi Tony, I really enjoyed last night it was great.
Genius! x"

Kattie Rosser

"I read it from cover to cover, I am as excited about this as I was on wednesday (I actually woke up on Thursday, started reading about 10am, and finished it by about 4pm). Look forward to speaking to you."
James Kettless

"Excellent start to what promises to be a long and sucessful tour Good luck Tony!!"
Elaine Moore