In The Media

Various publicity events intended to draw mainstream media attention to the theory outlined in 'Left in the Dark' are slowly beginning to achieve results.


August 8 2015



May 28 2015 Nova TV Bulgaria
'Na Kafe'


May 26 2015 Slavi Show Bulgaria
Slavi Show

August 15th 2014 Future primitive
Joanna Harcourt-Smith interviews Tony Wright about his symbiotic
theory of human origins and the cause of our species wide insanity.
Youtube version

August 7th 2014 WRPI-FMs 'In The Spirit' radio show.
Interview with Gary Goldberg
They discuss Tony's symbiotic theory of human origins
and why humanity is now suffering from a form of dementia.

June 12th 2014 Supernatural Girlz Radio
Interview by Patricia Baker & Helene Olsen
Download mp3


March 12th 2014 Bulgarian National Radio
Gergana Racheva discusses the theory outlined in 'Left in the Dark'
Youtube version
Download mp3
Transcript in English Afterword


February 21st 2014 Legalise Freedom
Interview with Greg Moffitt part two
Download mp3
Youtube version

February 14th 2014 Legalise Freedom
Interview with Greg Moffitt part one
Download mp3
Youtube version



December 9th 2013 TPV Radio
Interview with Kerry McCarthy part two
Download mp3

December 2nd 2013 TPV Radio
Interview with Kerry McCarthy part one
Download mp3

September 26 2013 New Dawn Special Issue
Plant/Human Symbiosis & the Fall of Humanity
An Interview With Tony Wright


September 13 2013 Disinformation
Oral Sex, Molecular Engineering and the Fall from The Brain of Eden


May 6 2013 Disinfomation
Did Sex With Plants Drive Human Evolution?
A presentation in two parts on Youtube


April 30 2013 Waking Times
Plant/Human Symbiosis and the Fall of Humanity
Interview with Trevor Smith

October 29 2012
A Documentary By Mark Kishon Christopher
An interview with Tony Wright


June 26 2012 Frontiers of the Possible
Interview with Keith Scott-Mumby MD
for Frontiers of the Possible series. (1.06)
Listen to or download mp3 here

April 30 2012 Salford City Radio
with Sara Lou Ann Jones
Sara Lou Ann Jones chats to author and researcher Tony Wright
about the effects of diet on physical and mental health. (55'11")
Listen to or download mp3 here.


September 12 2011 Radio New Zealand National
Nights with Bryan Crump

British consciousness researcher and author of Left in the Dark
Tony Wright gives a progress report on his theories which may
help to "restore a more sane state of mind". (15′51″)
Listen to or download mp3 here.


July 20 2011 C-Realm with KMO
Full interview here
Edited version with pics on Youtube
Download mp3 of edited interview here

July 20 2011 Late Night City with Pete Price
Pete Price chats to Tony Wright about his Kickstarter collaboration with film maker
David Malone and how it relates to his 11 day sleepless event in 2007
Download mp3 here


July 13 2011 C-Realm with KMO
Short introduction to next weeks interview
Youtube version of intro with added images here
Download mp3 of intro only here


July 6 2011 C-Realm with KMO
Trailer for forthcoming interview on 'Molecules of Madness'
Youtube version of trailer with added images here
Download mp3 of trailer only here


July 4 2011 Article on
A follow up to ‘Consciousness and the Direction of Structure’ that introduces the Kickstarter project.


June 2011 Cheap Health Revolution
In Depth Book Review


February 17th 2011
Interview on CBC Radio 2
Some light hearted chat about sleep with Bob Mackowycz
Download mp3 here


November 14th 2010 9.00pm Sky Channel 275
Another showing of Tony Wright being interviewed by Iain McNay
Interview can be seen here.


July 7th 2010 Penwith Radio
Tony Wright is a guest on the Jonny and Ross Show.
Download mp3 here


April 28 2010 Shamanic Freedom Radio

Interview with Tony Wright Part 2
or Download mp3 here


April 21st and 22nd 2010 Sky channel 200
08:00 Conscious TV: Tony Wright - Left in the Dark

Tony Wright expounds a radical reinterpretation of evolution, ecology, neurology, psychology,
anthropology, whilst placing ancient mythology and related traditions within scientific context.

April 14 2010 Shamanic Freedom Radio
Interview with Tony Wright Part 1

or Download mp3 here

March 2010 Get Fresh! Magazine Spring 2010
'Raw food and consciousness' download pdf here
An article by Holly Paige

January 13 2010   An article in the news section at Cornwall Mental Health's new web site.

'Can Science Prove Wright is Wrong?' or Download the pdf


December 3 2009  A feature in the news section at Cornwall Mental Health's new web site.

'The Most Revolutionary Theory Since Darwin' or Download the pdf


November 20 2009 Der Spiegel WISSEN article published at SpiegelOnline


November 17 2009 An article for the Beckley Foundation's new web site,

'Consciousness and the Direction of Structure' Read the article here or download pdf here


November 11 2009 An interview for Der Spiegel WISSEN Magazine
Der Spiegel WISSEN pdf. (In German)


October 2nd 2009 An interview for Conscious TV with Iain McNay


July 20 2009 Radio New Zealand National. Nights with Bryan Crump
Beyond Belief: Tony Wright, human evolutionary neurological dysfunction theorist,
joins the dots between existing data as evidence for a theory which offers
a revolutionary view of human evolution.

Listen to the interview here

July 2nd 2009 An interview for Eikoku News Digest (In Japanese)
Eikoku News Digest pdf


February 2009 BBC1 'Make Me Stay Awake'
Watch 'Make Me Stay Awake' on BBCi Player

The footage/interviews covering the theory behind the 11 day staying awake event were edited out.


February 2009 Personal Development Forum (Reposted at Martial Arts Insight)
Read an Interview and book review for the Personal Development Forum
or download pdfs of the interview and book review

January 2009 Ecotherapy News
Book review by Linda Buzzell-Saltzman

January 2009 Scientific and Medical Network
Book review pdf by Steve Taylor
Published in the Network Review, Winter 2009

3rd September 2008 Metro Newspaper
Metro pdf

July 2008

An interview with Tony Wright discussing his book 'Left in the Dark' for Detox Your World.
Interview DetoxYourWorld.pdf

25 February 2008 Midwest Radio (Eire)
Late Late Lunchbox with Padraic Walsh

23 February 2008 The Sun
'Blaine's late-night calls to Brit'
The Sun.pdf

14 November 2007 ABC News: The Serious Effects of a Sleepless Night

The footage covering the theory behind the 11 day staying awake event was edited out.

Read the article and watch 'The Science of Sleep' video
or watch here

23 - 24 October 2007 Radio New Zealand
Nights with Bryan Crump
Tony Wright Author of a book called Left in the Dark, he argues
humanity has been held back by its dysfunctional brain.
Left In the Dark Part 1 of 2 (duration: 17'27")
Left In the Dark Part 2 of 2 (duration: 18'36")

September 11, 2007 Record Breaking Chat
BBC Cornwall About Cornwall

September 11, 2007 Bob Rivers Radio Show (USA)
Longest Phone Call Record.mp3

September 2007 Matador Magazine
Matador Magazine.pdf


Click play below to watch 'Kiseki Taiken!' (In Japanese)

August 2007 Wiener Magazine
Wiener Magazine.pdf

July 26 2007 Read an interview in Gelf Magazine

Gelf Magazine
or download a pdf here

June 25 2007 Radio New Zealand National
Nights With Bryan Crump
radio new zealand.mp3

June 13 2007 Compiled interviews from Sleep Review

Sleep Review Journal


Click play below to watch 'Sleepless in Penzance'


May 26 2007 The Times
This is the kind of article that appeared in literally hundreds of papers
and on countless web sites around the world after the sleep deprivation
event finished. As for the whether it was the right record or not check out link
From The Times digital
The Times.pdf

May 23 2007 BBC Radio Cornwall
Interview with Tony Wright after 9 days awake with commentary from UK sleep researcher Jim Horne.
Radio Cornwall

21 May 2007 BBC Spotlight
Interview with Matt Pengelly

9 May 2007 BBC Cornwall, About Cornwall.
Link to BBC

4 December 2006 An article on Graham Hancock's Forum.
Tropical forest biochemistry, the driving force in human evolution by Tony Wright.

19 April 2006 In The Western Morning News
Download Western Morning News.pdf

13 April 2006 In The Cornishman
Download Cornishman.pdf and Cornishman front page.pdf

April 2006 In Vitality Matters Magazine
Download Vitality Matters.pdf

1996 August 26 BBC Radio 5 Live

Interview with David Davies during an early sleep deprivation experiment.
Download 5 live 96.mp3