December 2012

Inner Traditions have aquired the rights to 'Left in the Dark' and will be publishing in May 2014 under the title of 'Return to the Brain of Eden'


July 2012

The Kibea Publishing Company will be publishing 'Left in the Dark' in Bulgarian in February 2014.
'The book Left in the Dark has been recommended to me by Barbara Wren, author of the book Celullar Awakening.
I would like to present to the Bulgarian audience the remarkable ideas of the book.'


January 2012

The Estonian Transpersonal Association has selected 'Left in the Dark' for translation into Estonian in November 2014.

'Hello, the Estonian Transpersonal Association is interested in translating and publishing the wonderful Graham Gynn/Tony Wright book "Left in the Dark" in Estonian language. We are publishing a series of books pertaining to transpersonal and related topics and we find this book particularly suiting for introducing new paradigms in current research.'

June 28 2011 A Kickstarter project has been launched with the aim of bringing what is shaping up to be a major historic re-discovery with massive practical implications to a mainstream audience ASAP.
Molecules of Madness Kickstarter Press Release
David Malone's trailer on Youtube
November 22 2010 Meeting with the Vice Chancellor of the University of Wales with the objective of initiating a collaboration to formally assess the basic proposal outlined in ‘Left in the Dark’.
May 6 2010 A German documentary maker from the renowned Baden-Württemberg Film Academy will begin a week of filming in London, Cornwall and Germany. The objective is to present the basic theory outlined in 'Left in the Dark' to a television audience.

April 28 2010

After a long winter of preparation the first outing for the ‘Left in the Dark’ presentations and book tour took place in Penzance on Wednesday evening.

These talks will outline a radical new theory that simultaneously explains many enigmas of human evolution and the human mind at a causal level. Reaction seems to be following a consistent pattern from ‘Initially difficult to see’ then ‘shockingly obvious and simple’ and finally ‘blatantly self evident.’

'Left in the Dark' proposes a unique and completely unexpected diagnosis of the human condition that offers a very simple, practical and human scale solution to the overwhelming challenges we face.
Click on image for high resolution version

November 2009 The research outlined in ‘Left in the Dark’ has come to the attention of the newly launched Cornwall Mental Health web site, they are planning to feature and promote ‘Left in the Dark’ as one of their key projects.
September 2009 Interviewed for Conscious TV, check this link, should be live in early October.
August 25 2009 Der Spiegel came to town, feature due to be published in early November.
July 2009 Forthcoming live radio interview on Radio New Zealand National for around 40 minutes on Monday July 20 at approximately 8.20am (UK time)
The programme is Nights with Bryan Crump. Listen to mp3 here

May 2009 Beyond Belief: An event designed to draw attention to the ‘fruit flavonoid theory of human evolution’ and the associated neurodegenerative condition underlying our obvious insanity is being planned.

November 2008 Tony Wright has been voted into the 2009 'Courvoisier The Future 500' in the Science and Innovation category.

September 2008 Filming with the BBC Science department for a documentary to be aired next year.
March 2008 The second edition of ‘Left in the Dark’ with a foreword by Dr Dennis McKenna has now been published and is already attracting significant academic interest. See book page.
May 2007 Tony Wright successfully exceeded Randy Gardner’s 40yr old sleep deprivation record. The objective was primarily to begin publicising his research into the evolution, development and function of the human brain.
May 2007 Transition Penwith's consciousness and sustainability focus group will be holding its inaugural meeting at The Studio Bar at 6pm on Saturday 19th May. The meeting will be chaired by sustainability consultant Steve Charter and consciousness researcher Tony Wright (if he is still awake!)
May 2007 The draft manuscript ‘Left in the Dark’ has been updated and edited and is now published and available from
April 2007 The sleep deprivation world record is now planned to begin at 6am, May 14, 2007 at The Studio Bar in Penzance for more information visit
March 2007 After initial discussions with a number of interest parties a proposal for the establishment of a research centre is being developed in partnership with SC2. (Sustainability Consultants) For more information see Cornwall Consciousness Centre