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Ground-Breaking Consciousness Research: An Urgent Request for Support



For the past sixteen years independent consciousness researcher Tony Wright has been investigating the mysteries of the human mind. The conclusions of this work are simple, yet there are huge implications for the future of the human race and its current state of physical, emotional, and psychological health.

The primary conclusion of his work is simple and testable - humans display the symptoms of a neuro-degenerative condition that has left us virtually blind to its existence. Furthermore, the research suggests that this condition is both treatable and preventable. Research worldwide is also producing solid evidence for latent 'higher' function. However, this research is only the tip of a huge and vitally important iceberg.

In order to fully access the enormous potential locked away in everyone, further research is now required. Our research work represents a profound opportunity to explore ways of recovering our lost neurological function. The pursuit of this aim is one of our fundamental objectives. However, we urgently need your help - we need people to buy the book and donate money towards our core costs.

Phenomenal progress in very short time with almost no resources.

We have already made phenomenal progress with severely limited resources. For a revised theory of human evolution to have emerged at all without the benefits of mainstream academic funding is remarkable in itself. To have attracted such significant academic support within a single year is simply unheard of.

Urgent funds required

Update Sept 2011.

Firstly there have been an increasing number of donations, this has helped enormously to keep things afloat, greatly appreciated many thanks.

However the basic plot remains, an awful lot to do and just maintaining even a minimal base is a constant challenge, the detail and priority of what needs funding varies and as interest and sales slowly develop it is hoped that basic running costs will be met, until then any contributions make a huge difference.

One specific objective has just emerged that could open the door to the publication of a mainstream version of 'Left in the Dark' with a major publisher. To initiate this process around £6000 is required to meet the costs of a highly acclaimed ghost writer who has agreed to prepare a synopsis with the aim of soliciting a collaborative publishing deal.

In addition as requests for talks and presentations are increasing the acquisition of decent quality AV equipment is also required. The graphics used are very high resolution so if you have a high resolution projector and/or a laptop with a decent graphics card that are surplus to requirement etc or can contribute towards the purchase of said items it would put the presentations on a solid footing.


Aside from the financial difficulties, things are progressing well, a very basic distribution deal is in place, and the reaction from academics and a cross-section of society has been excellent. Media interest is building, BBC Science have just filmed a documentary including material from 'Left in the Dark', (all edited out!) further documentaries are under discussion.


The financial struggle turned into a straight choice between getting the book launched and securing the lease on our premises and base of operations. We chose the former and are now trying to deal with the latter! We could really use your help! For more details on the other specific items we need your help to fund, please see our funding items page.

We urgently need your help to continue our work. If you, or anyone you know, can afford to make a one-off or regular contribution (£, €, or $), this would help enormously. If you can solicit donations from anyone likely to be interested in this research then please do. Anyone in a position to make a larger donations, or offer soft loans would be thoroughly welcome. If you are potentially a major contributor and require additional information please do ask.

Despite the launch of the book, our ability to continue our work is now being called into question by our limited finances. Please go to our donations page now and make your contribution to this amazing research.


Donations can be made using the bank details below or, alternatively, please use the PayPal links below. Your urgent financial help would be greatly appreciated!

Bank details:

Natwest Bank.
Account no. 87967995
Sort code. 600947
IBAN: GB94NWBK60094787967995

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  • Major breakthroughs frequently come from ‘outside the box’!
  • Einstein was working as a patent office clerk when he published his general theory of relativity!
  • Whatever you can do to help support this work is greatly appreciated, and may be even more so in the future, when a break-through and appropriate scientific and public attention is achieved.

Thank you!